Massage? Shiatsu? Chiropractic? It is different. It is ABC-SEITAI.

Holistic Approach To Staying Healthy Through Body Alignment

What's SEITAI?
seitai resembles osteopathy.
abc-seitai loosens muscular strain rather than moves only a bone.
SEITAI is the technique which corrects distortion of the body and 
heightens spontaneous cure power.

ABC-SEITAI, an original point is stimulated and muscular strain is loosened.
And the distorted backbone is made easy to move to the right position.
The nerve suppressed by distortion becomes as before,
and nerve transfer becomes good and leads you to a healthy body.

Therapy of reforming body 
Neither a bone nor a joint is sounded with ABC-SEITAI.
The treatment of ABC-SEITAI
aims at preparing the balance of muscles, a circulatory system, and a frame.

If you pay traveling expenses, it goes to your place and I can perform therapy.
Please prepare those who can speak Japanese then.
To the Japanese who lives in overseas If 20 or more persons collect
the directions which receive medical treatment,
I need to treat by taking a formal trip. Please ask details with mail.
Please telephone ABC-SEITAI, when the rear and the waist become bad between Tokyo stays.